Stories around the Castle

Stories around the Castle

Gabriel von Salamanca

The 16th century was a time of tremendous upheaval. Capital permeated economic life and began to play a major role in politics. A changed view of the world, humanism, had superseded the thinking of the Middle Ages and produced great changes. The introduction of book printing increased the availability of information and the new architectural style, the Renaissance, expressed the changed attitude to life.

Against this background, the family of Salamanca as Count of Ortenburg governed their county of the same name in Carinthia for 115 years, from 1524 to 1639. Gabriel von Salamanca (born 1489/1490 in Burgos, Spain), the first of this ageline, builder of Porcia Castle, Through his active work and his political influence, many of his contemporaries and all his descendants, who failed to emerge from his shadow, towered over him. He had a comprehensive education, was considered a visionary and mastered the Latin, French and German languages.


Gabriel owed his unique rise of his skill as a financier, his diplomatic skills as a counselor and confidant to Ferdinand I, the future German king and Roman emperor (1556-1564). The city of Spittal was given a new face by the construction of the castle, a work of art of national importance. For the town and its inhabitants were the construction activities of the 16th century and the fact that here "farm" was held, of great economic importance. The generous layout of the castle expressed Gabriel's sense of representation.

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