Museum of Folk Culture

On two floors of Porcia Castle, the Museum of Folk Culture offers 1001 opportunities to marvel at and understand the cultural history of Upper Carinthia. From children's games and school history to the most varied professions, whether in crafts, mining or alpine farming, to the beginnings of tourism, a wide range is bound up.

In addition, the museum includes highly attractive media offers: In the panorama cinema you can experience "impressions from Upper Carinthia" in 3D of the highest quality. In the flight simulation cinema you can even navigate your 3D flight all over Carinthia!

3D Kino

A special highlight is the new "Carinthian Panorama."

You stand on the approximately 200 square meter aerial sight and enjoy the impressive view of all of Carinthia from 10,000 m altitude! With special stand magnifiers you can "zoom in" and look at your house, the jetty at one of the Carinthian lakes, the mountain peak where you were yesterday, or simply your favorite place in Carinthia in detail.

Numerous educational offers for children, pupils and families make the museum an exciting experience.


The Museum of Popular Culture Spittal / Drau is not only one of the largest folkloric collections in Europe but also one of the most highly awarded museums in Austria.

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