Pure Literature


Leader: Barbara Kreiner
E-Mail: buch@nest.co.at

"If we want to make a difference, then it's the readers!"

Under the motto "LiteraturePur = Culture" in 1993, a new series of events provided a welcome enrichment of Spittal's cultural landscape.

In the meantime, Porcia Castle has also become a meeting place for writers with their audience. Top authors of the very first category have been in the historic vault of Ortenburger cellar for many years a rendezvous. The list of authors who visited LiteraturPur reads like a "Who's Who" of contemporary German-language literature are H.C. Artmann, Robert Schneider, Gert Jonke, Erich Hackl, Ingrid Noll, Lydia Mischkulnig, Michael Köhlmeier and Christoph Ramsmayr, just to name a few.

Rarely is the immediacy between the reader and his listeners as tangible as in the atmospheric ambience of the Ortenburger cellar.